Installation and maintenance

Filling stations installation and maintenance
Development for all type of full and partial projects besides a comprehensive maintenance service comprising preventive maintenance and repair of any failure.

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Low-cost service stations

Compactcis® system,
compact service station
Modular service station, solution to conduct filling stations with reduction of time and cost in civil works. Compact, versatile and quick to install.

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Fuel tanks

Manufacture of fuel tanks
Fuel tanks manufactured under European regulations, in simple and double wall, aerial and buried in steel-steel and steel-polyester coated with fiberglass

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Containerizable solutions

Mobile solutions for refuelling
Mobile units for fuel supply, into a container or without it, with single or double wall tanks, very convenient for labour camps, field hospitals, etc.

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Canopies development for service-stations
Custom-made manufactured structures to fit our client’s needs, different options are available, manufactured in Aluminium Composite Panel or steel sheet including our client’s brand image.

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Price totems manufacturing

Illuminated price totems for service-station and filling-station
Lighted signs and price totems manufacturing with led displays of different sizes and a high lighting performance, our client’s image will be implemented too.

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Car wash centers equipment

Car wash centers installation in service-station
Jet car washes and mobile gantry car wash centers installation as well as washing solutions for industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery and other accessories (aspirators, car mats cleaners, paper dispensers, tires sprayers, etc.)

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Electrical projects execution according to electro-technical regulations
Specific electrical installation for service-stations and distribution centers always in compliance with MI-IP02 / IP03 / IP04 norms.

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Software and payment devices

Management software and self-service payment devices for your service-station
Computers solutions for your service-station, unattended payment terminals, fire-extinguisher devices, video vigilance systems, etc.

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petrol products

pipe systems

KPS Petrol Pipe System (TM), Swedish company engaged in the manufacture of plastics since 1953, and in petrol products since 1978. Over 20.000 installations guarantee the quality of the KPS pipes. Manufactured of polyethylene, the conductive pipe system,is unique in the world. KPS provides a worldwide warranty of up to 30 years for the products and is one of the leading companies in Environmental Safety.

Level measurement and leakage control

OPW, American company leader in solutions for the oil industry, considered as one of the main suppliers of level measurement systems and leak control for tanks, along with one of the widest selection of products and supply systems for the fuel industry


leak detection

Systems for leak detection Rietschle Thomas. High quality certified with ISO 9001 hb. Leak detection systems valid for all kind of applications: double wall tanks, single wall tanks with liner to prevent leaks, double wall flat tanks, double wall pipes…

Telemetry and monitoring

Sensile, company specialized in remote control systems for tanks. GSM systems of easy installation to monitor fuel tanks through internet. Over 25.000 active systems ensure the viability and effectiveness of these products.

Payment systems

ALVIC last generation payment systems and computer solutions to control unattended service-stations. Bank and fidelity cards payments are guaranteed. The essential element when it comes to create Low Cost service-station.

Automatic car wash centers

CECCATO,an extensive range of automatic car wash centers for vehicles. Italian technology as well as the last progress adapted to the sector. Innovative solutions and a great product design.

pumps and dispensers

The latest technology applied to pumps and dispensers, equipped with multimedia screen to facilitate the use by the consumer. Multiproduct, LPG, with integrated payment systems, etc.

domestic supply systems

Solutions and domestic supply systems,transfers, filtration, fuel measurement and control. Wide range of products: pumps for diesels and oils, , professional dispensing equipments with fleet management systems, along with the necessary fittings to perform petrol installations, filters, nozzles, hoses, etc.

Industrial equipment supply

Provider of industrial equipments for the supply and transfer of fuel, refueling of tankers, loading and aviation as well as fuel dispensing pumps, transfer pumps, loading arms and equipments for service stations.